Food Items    

Family Fun Festivals is known for its delicious fair food that will satisfy tastebuds of fairgoers of all ages.  We have corn dogs, nachos, hot dogs, pop corn, funnel cakes, elephant ears as well as popular items for the sweet tooth.   Carmel Apples, Cotton Candy, and Candy Apples are just to name a few.  If you are in need of a drink we also have a wide variety of refreshments including fresh squeezed lemonade shake ups, soda, coffee, and hot chocolate for the colder months.



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Family Fun Festivals carries a complete assortment of games of skill.   Some of our games include the Water Race, Roll - A - Ball, Kentucky Derby, Balloon Bust, Milk Bottle Pitch, and the Duck Pond among others.  Many of our games are designed to 'Play til you Win', where children are always awarded a prize!



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